Alamitos Bay DUFFY CLUB

Welcome to the DUFFY CLUB!

We will be charging up for the events for 2020, and we want you to come out and join us in the fun. 

2020 Calendar of Events

Membership PRICE & Rules

  • Our DUES are super low! 
  • Dues are good for 1 or all events during the Calendar year, so its better to pay before April 5 (our Opening Day event) to get the best value
  • You DO NOT have to own a Duffy Boat to join the fun
  • Member Boats pay $25/year + Event Price (Good for one couple)
  • Member Couples (non-boat owners) pay $25/year + Event Price
  • Non-members/Guests pay $10/event + Event Price

Here's how it works: 

  • Pay your dues before our Opening Day event (April 5th)
  • A few weeks before each event, you will receive an event Email and/or a Flyer from us.
  • Submit the form 1 week before each event
  • Our events often have games and prizes to make sure that you're not stuck just sitting around twiddling your thumbs. (We have a strict no-thumb-twiddling rule)
  • So come out this year and have some Alamitos Bay Boating Fun with your neighbors!

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DUES Form &

Calendar of Events

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